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It is of course first and foremost sports what the clock strikes at the wedded Bin. Ninety sports are available on the site, which also in our country lesser known sports like Cricket, Netball, Lacrosse, Gaelic Sports, Curling and Dog Racing back. Besides the possibility to bet on all these different sports you can bet money on political developments and various specials, which are compiled.

By bookmakers Bin You can constantly live betting, i.e. while the match in question is still going on. In the sports screen you constantly get information about current events, the last minute bets, the most popular bets on that day and the specials that can go on the elections in England to bet on the Eurovision Song Contest.

It's only been a party to walk to see what's happening on the site. Bin around With a Bin account you can not only close bets, but also participate in the other sections of Bin, such as poker. If you are going to bet, then choose the natural thing for a particular component, for example football. Each section gives you a clear overview of all available with the respective odds bets in that section.

Then you decide if you are going to bet and the amount you want to lose. The listing at the time of deployment was valid, shall remain in force for this bet, even if the listing change later. Bin also has a welcome bonus, but this is not the most striking part of the membership. Much more interesting is the blindside loyalty program, with which you can convert the shop Bin. Earned points From t-shirts to match money and sometimes access to a tournament that is open only for blindsides. Of course there is a separate department for statistics, you can help in the placing of bets.

The website Bin sports betting and therefore the department has an excellent and comprehensive English version. The help pages are entirely in Dutch. Can communicate in Dutch, also through the mail only in telephone support is a bit more difficult.
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