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The winter market serves to reinforce and although teams usually do not usually change things too much on the results of the major leagues, there are competitions in which the templates suffer radical changes during the season and the bookies or odds makers are not usually very attentive to these changes because they only cater to statistics and classification.

Here they are now! Finally, after a few days of anguish, the champion team in the best league in the world, La Lira, and has a new coach. It Argentine coach Gerardo Martino, who will replace Tito Villanova, as this has had to leave the team due to the incompatibility of treating your illness with their work as a technician. Apparently, Martin will sign with the club for the next two seasons and although the team has lamented the departure of Titus, received with enthusiasm to his new coach, as stated in the sports.

If the friendly between Real Madrid and Paris Saint is an incandescent pump because the new team face Carlo Lancelot with former team he led, the first preseason game that Barcia held and the Bayer Munich of Pep Gladiola eclipses covers the German press day in, day out. The reason lies in the fact that Gladiola's team is beating people with myocardial figures so far this preseason elapsed. After defeating the Wadena for fifteen goals to one, four to zero at Hamburg and five to each Munching. Also, Bayer has Triage Alcatraz, the former Barcelona player now among the ranks of Pep-who has already been dubbed the "fantastic".

Anyway, the club has won in style last season and has reasons more than enough to make an excellent first preseason game. Especially when they have promised his former coach Tito Villanova, who has called goals and victories in response to reaction logic Barcia team sadness at the news of his departure. So, between the sad farewell to Tito Villanova and crossing between Pep and Alcatraz with his former club, only to be expected excitement and good game, especially when Matthias Simmer, manager of Bayer Munich, said in a firm way the thirst for goals that his team has right now . At least, these words must be scary to the Catalans, and yet there are more than enough staff to deal with the Bavarians. Yes, the new team of Martino must take into account the flexibility of the ranks of Pep, with a good cast of midfielders.

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