Revealing the Truth Behind 'Hot' Slots

Odds are that after some time of playing slots you'll encounter some article or person who mentions games that are 'hot'. The idea of 'hot' slots isn't a new one and as a matter of fact it has been around for ages – unfortunately that doesn't mean that players fully understand it and very often that can lead to numerous misconceptions.

“What are 'Hot' Slots?”

When someone refers to 'hot' slots or a game of slots that is 'hot', what they are really saying is that it is more likely to pay out. That being said, the underlying reason behind this belief that particular games of slots are going to pay out soon is where things start to get muddied.

One of the most common mentions of 'hot' slots is when it comes to games of slots that haven't paid out in a long time. So for example if a particular game hasn't paid out for an hour or so, the belief is that it is 'due' to lsm99 pay out soon.

But that isn't the only type of 'hot' slots. There are numerous other theories abound regarding 'hot' games of slots - such as any slots located near walkways within a casino will pay out more often so that they attract other players.

No Basis in Actual Fact

Assuming you're a skeptic, you might already have started to realize that 'hot' slots really don't have much basis in actual fact.

The truth is that all games of slots have a fixed payout percentage and the chances of winning one spin are exactly the same as the previous spin and the next spin. That means that the very idea that a game of slots that hasn't paid out is 'due' to pay out soon is patently false.

Similarly despite numerous rumors of 'insider information' from casino employees and staff regarding theories of 'hot' slots and their locations – it doesn't make sense that a casino would want certain games of slots to pay out better than others. All that would accomplish is that once players realized this fact they wouldn't want to play any other games.

Now that you know the truth about 'hot' slots, hopefully you'll appreciate that it is nothing more than yet another enticing blend of rumor and superstition – so there's no need to worry that you're missing out on anything at all!